One Funny Mother

“Best One Woman Show” at the 2015 United Solo Festival in New York City

Have you ever gone un-showered for days, fought with your husband over who works harder or had a kid pee on you? Dena Blizzard’s hilarious new show
One Funny Mother will make you realize you’re not crazy…motherhood is!

One Funny Mother is an outrageous and side splitting 80 minutes of sass that follows Dena on her hilarious journey through a day of cleaning as she prepares for her big “Girls Night Out.”

A great “Girl’s Night Out” or date night for anyone who IS a mom, HAS a mom, or is MARRIED to a mom.

Dena Blizzard is a world-class US household goddess...shares her life and observations unabashedly, certain that you’ll share her humanity and enjoy every minute of doing it. I certainly did...Guys and geezers hooted as heartily as the spectrum of gals and women did.
- Huffington Post

I was rocking in my seat as my laughter bounced me backwards and forwards as I barked like a Central Park Zoo Sea Lion at feeding time. Looking around me, similar displays of violent backrest abuse erupted in waves in response to Dena’s wit. I felt I was at one of my best friends houses in a state of heightened banter before heading off on a girl’s night out. You know that funny friend of yours, the one that can really make you “ugly laugh” and make the wine come out your nose kinda funny? That’s Dena.
- NY Theater Guide

Amusing, humorous, witty, comical, droll, jocular, hilarious, hysterical, entertaining, diverting, sparkling, scintillating; silly, farcical, slapstick; side-splitting, rib-tickling, laugh-a-minute, wacky, zany, off the wall, a scream, rich, priceless are all words you can use to describe Dena Blizzard’s solo comedy show, One Funny Mother.
- Times Square Chronicle

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