Man Overboard

Man Overboard is a play with four actors and a piano player. It tells the story of four consultants who visit a tropical resort to discuss the
company's restructuring.

Alex, Howard and McBride leave the safety of their comfortable offices and $2,000 suits to set off to a place that is far from home and full of surprises. Jarrad, the boss, has told them the company will be restructured, the underlying implication is that one of them will not be returning to work
on Monday.

Man Overboard is an accessible and contemporary theatre work that one could argue is more relevant now than it was when first performed more than ten years ago. It's a play about men struggling to get it right -- often failing, but doing their best. Themes include competitiveness in the workplace, seduction, fatherhood, meeting your partner on equal terms, mateship, loneliness, ambition, success, failure and reconciliation. All the funny stuff of life.

"A classy, commercial blockbuster ready to take on Broadway and the West End."
- Sunday Herald Sun - Melbourne

"People are still coming up to me and saying "What a great night!" and asking "Where is it playing now?" I feel that it is one of those shows that will continue to build a groundswell of support and quality word-of-mouth that will see Man Overboard become a perrennial tourer."
- Ross Cunningham
   Entertainment GM at Star City in Sydney

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