Defending the Caveman

Love + Laughter = DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN 2.0*

The hilarious couple's comedy for modern hunters and gatherers has broken box office records all over the world selling over $100 million dollars in U.S. ticket sales alone.

The longest running solo play in Broadway's history and the longest running Broadway show in Las Vegas history, playing 7 days a week at the "D" currently in our 9th season. Caveman is produced in 45 countries and over 30 different languages making it officially the most popular date night comedy in the world.

Caveman tickles your funny bone and makes peace between the sexes. Understanding men and women requires a trip back in time. Caveman is a comedy we can all relate to.

2.0* refers to our updated script and production design. Critics and audience alike rave that Caveman 2.0 "speaks to today's couples with a language filled with insight and laughter".

Winner of the 2015 "People Love Us On Yelp Award!" Seriously, that's a real thing and we won it.

Its "outrageously funny and surprisingly sweet exploration of the gender gap" (Chicago Sun Times) has made Defending the Caveman "a comic phenomenon" (New York Times).

With hysterical observation on contemporary feminism, masculine sensitivity and the erogenous zone, Defending the Caveman has found a way to mine the common themes of relationships that goes straight to the funny bone.

A Comedy that we can all relate to.

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