Bette Davis Ain't
for Sissies


It's early evening of 1939 Academy Awards- young Miss Davis is nominated for Best Actress in "Dark Victory," and the Los Angeles Times - LEAKED the OSCAR winners EARLY!! "This year Vivian Leigh will take home the Oscar for Best Actress." With Newspaper in hand the BOLD, DEFIANT and DISILLUSIONED, Bette Davis decides to leave! Journey into the young starlets battle to win freedom from the grip and control of the studio moguls of Hollywood. Witness Bette's most defining moments as a tenacious young starlet fighting her way to the top!!!

Fresh off the heels of a successful tour in Scotland, London, Boston, Virginia, and New York -- Jessica Sherr's internationally acclaimed 5-star solo show, BETTE DAVIS AIN'T FOR SISSIES returns to the stage.

Jessica Sherr is fearless, in her portrayal of a lesser-known Davis -- a vulnerable ingenue imprisoned by her own ambition. Alienated from the very system that made her a star, Bette takes us through the career and artistic controls she endured from studio executives, the private worlds of her lovers and her own unflinching pride. With humor and unabashed frankness, BETTE DAVIS AIN'T FOR SISSIES offers audiences a humanizing look into the mind of an icon whose voice could not be quelled.

Jessica Sherr is a one-woman revolution.
Windy City Times

5 Stars -- Sherr is mesmerizing to watch... a dynamic performance.
Edinburgh Guide

Bette Davis is Bad-Ass!
The Fourth Walsh

Brilliant hour of Theater. A performance that was worthy of an Oscar.
Broadway Baby

5 Stars -- Magnificently witty... she is a star in the making.
The List UK

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