Being Naked


In a world filled with Botox, plastic surgery and airbrushed supermodels, Maria Glanz presents the human body in a forgotten light: real.

Being Naked is a funny, unexpected and powerful theatre experience. A comedy that engages the audience and leads them on a shared journey, one that twists and turns in surprisingly moving ways. Following a striptease fail, an embarrassed amateur opens up about how and why she has arrived on this stage at this moment, attempting to take off her clothes. In front of strangers. A comic monologue becomes even funnier when it becomes a dialogue -- first with her drummer and then with her audience. In the end, what is uncovered is a revelation for all.

Being Naked asks: What does it actually mean to be naked? And in front of other people? What is it about our culture that demands we put beauty in such a small and unforgiving box? And what is it about us that we buy into that? Maria tackles these questions in a surprisingly candid and nonjudgmental way, rendering the material incredibly accessible and allowing a vulnerability all too rarely seen on the American stage today.

A girls' night and a couple's date night show that delights and empowers.

Ways you may feel about being naked: humiliated, humble, humorous, hairy. Whatever -- bring it on, Maria Glanz can take it. She's brilliant... a cross between Julia Sweeney and a Chatty Cathy doll, Glanz is at once fragile and powerful -- kind of like the naked human body itself.
Seattle Times

Words cannot describe how pleasantly surprised I was by this piece. Maria Glanz delivers a warm, sensitive meditation on our relationship to our bodies that is amusing and inspiring. 5 stars.
Kurt Spenrath - SEE Magazine - Edmonton

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